We are a world-class metal press stamping company and a preferred tool and die manufacturer in the GLOBAL MARKET in terms of cost, quality of products and services. We continuously improve our people, process, products and services so that together we can dream without boundaries and maximize our revenue in order to contribute for improving the lives and welfare of our employees and our society.


We are dedicated to abide the five (5) SMAIC management underlying principles:

1) Quality in all aspects of company performance;

2) Timely and fair return on capital investment;

3) Excellent customer satisfaction services;

4) Advances in technological innovations;

5) Recognition of Human Resources Development;

With our technical expertise, SMAIC is committed to excellence in the service of metal press stamping, tool & die manufacturing and sub-assemblies of various parts and components in providing the total solution in the field of electronics, mechanical, industrial and automotive mechanisms and devices in line with our thrust to achieve total customer satisfaction, maintain a sound business environment and create a meaningful life for the people and society.
At Sampo Molding and Assembly Industry Corporation (SMAIC),

We commit to exceptional standards of performance, productivity and professionalism ...
We share a passion for total excellence in every way we do.

Teamwork is the heart of our relationship...
We are all talented individuals who achieve more by working together, growing together and together in harmony.

Respect for each other is a deeply-held value we all follow...
We encourage openness while upholding the dignity, worth and self esteem of every individual.

Continues learning is our battle cry...
We humbly seek and provide opportunities to learn, to re-discover, to give honest feedback, develop and grow to become the best that we can be, never be complacent.

Integrity is the cornerstone of our business...
We conduct our internal and external affairs within a stringent code of business principles and equality.

Life is always worth living and amazing...
We live a balance life and make work fun while learning. Our work allows us to have the time, energy and resources to pursue a joyful and spirit-filled life with our family, friends and co-workers.

The price of greatness is responsibility...
We are responsible stewards. We have a genuine concern for our customers, co-workers, stakeholders, communities and environment which we will help develop.

Putting God first in everything we do...
We love GOD and we are truly blessed to be part of Sampo Family which provides us our sustenance.
We do all things for the greater glory of GOD.
With GOD by our side, nothing is impossible.
We at Sampo Molding and Assembly Industry Corporation (SMAIC) are fully committed to delighting our customers by complying with our documented Quality Management System (QMS) in manufacturing and delivering our products and services.

We define Quality by ensuring our customers get superior products at a competitive cost, excellent service and timely delivery for which, “Customer Satisfaction is our first Priority”

We shall undertake continues training, research and benchmarking activities to continuously improve our people, processes, products, services and the safety of our employees so that we are able to go beyond our customer’s level of expectations.
Sampo Molding and Assembly Industry Corporation (SMAIC), a major supplier of various metal press stamping parts and sub-assemblies components recognize the need for an Environmental Management System (EMS) as among its priorities and key determinants for the total protection of the environment and preservation of our mother earth.

SMAIC policy ensures a safe and environment friendly facilities and processes at all times. It is geared towards effectively managing its environmental aspects and impacts as basis for setting and reviewing its environmental objectives and targets as regards to air pollution, solid waste and effluent discharges and the efficient use of its resources.

SMAIC commits to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and with other ecological requirements to which the organization subscribes.
The company measures environmental performance and conducts regular environmental audits and assessments of compliance with company requirements.

SMAIC endorse continual improvement in the areas of environmental performance and conservation of resources. We will work to continually seek for improvement in our environmental management system.

SMAIC commits to safeguard the general health and safety of its employees. We provide continues medical and wellness trainings and open communications lines to guide them in their activities in an environmentally responsible manner. Their full participation is essential in achieving the Environmental Programs and Objective and Targets.

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